Developing a CMS is more than an attempt to keep up with the Joneses, nowadays, it is the first business necessity.
Shopping in online becomes the latest trending technology. One of the factors that contribute to the CMS popularity is that it can be set up in the world network with basic programming knowledge


A Content Management System is an application that helps to customize, manage, and create information. There are CMSs that can be used alone and some that are usually applied in a conjunction with the others. You can request a CMS that would work on your network, on the Internet, or run locally on your personal computer. The CMS is a key to the quick buildup of a powerful website that would help with maintenance and customization.

Keeping that in mind, you should figure out what you need. The following questions might help you: What exactly do you need? Something like a blog or an online shop? What do you want in your CMS? What functions do you want to fulfill in the system?

In AAHA Solutions Pondicherry India,  CMS is a shortcut to creating a high-quality multifunctional management system in a short period. We know that there is no “one size fits all” solution, but the existing ones are great, too.This is very useful in online shopping.developers gained expertise in building the CMSs used all over the world.


Popular open source CMSs and what is so attractive about them

WordPress CMS benefits

1. 60 mln websites around the globe were built on WordPress CMS base
2. a multiplicity of visual and functional plugins in an open source platform
an abundance of e-commerce solutions
3. used for large-scale websites
4. quick and easy customization

Drupal CMS advantages
1. perfectly suited for content marketing
2. improved security features
3. Drupal CMS features fit for corporate websites

Magento CMS design: is it worth it?
1. 200 000 corporate websites worldwide are built on Magento CMS base
2. perfect for store administration
3. easy augmentation of functionality with the add-ons

If your ideas cannot be implemented with the already-made CMSs, a software development company can build it up from scratch. Surely, it will take more time and money, but it will definitely perfectly fit all your needs. Traditionally, the custom CMSs are written in .Net, PHP, and Python languages. So what? Wait, here comes an explanation.p


.NET vs Python vs PHP based content management systems

PHP based CMS
1. suits for writing programs of any size
2. extensive support of database
3. works on the majority of platforms and operational systems
4. Zend, Yahoo, Facebook, Google, NASA
Python CMS
1. runs on multiple systems and platforms
2. programing-driven and object-oriented
3. Yahoo Map, Linux Weekly News, Shopzilla
.Net based
1. for building large web applications
2. writing the dynamic web pages, applications, and services

The software for the Microsoft operating system is traditionally written with the .Net platform as it includes an abundance of Microsoft technologies and services like Azure Cloud storage, MS QL DB, and others.

Talking about the iOS and Android mobile applications, it’s important to admit that the applications run more efficiently when they are written for two separate operating systems. Writing on the cross-platform usually results in a rising number of glitches caused by the database inconsistencies.
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