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Python is a multiparadigm, general-purpose, interpreted, high-level programming language. Python allows programmers to use different programming styles to create simple or complex programs, get quicker results and write code almost as if speaking in a human language. Some of the popular systems and applications that have employed Python during development include Google Search, YouTube, BitTorrent, Google App Engine, Eve Online, Maya and iRobot machines.

Python can be used in Web development, numeric programming, game development, serial port access and more.Python can be used as the script in Microsoft's Active Server Page (ASP) technology.

Scope and Lifetime of variables

JScope of a variable is the portion of a program where the variable is recognized. Parameters and variables defined inside a function is not visible from outside. Hence, they have a local scope.

Lifetime of a variable is the period throughout which the variable exits in the memory. The lifetime of variables inside a function is as long as the function executes.

They are destroyed once we return from the function. Hence, a function does not remember the value of a variable from its previous calls.Here is an example to illustrate the scope of a variable inside a function.

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