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kubernetes sandbox

The Kubernetes Sandbox Stack is a preconfigured click-to-deploy Kubernetes cluster. The Kubernetes Sandbox is an easy-to-use self-contained environment to learn and develop services in Kubernetes that provides a complete development environment for containerized applications.

This complete stack includes ready-to-run versions of a Kubernetes cluster, together with local volume provisioner, helm, Ingress controller and Kubernetes Dashboard to offer as close to a production cluster as possible without any configuration pains.

Key features of Kubernetes Sandbox include:

  • Heapster and Grafana for performance monitoring and visualization
  • Ingress Controller for making your applications accessible using port 80 and 443
  • Helm for deploying charts in your cluster
  • Dynamic Local Volume provisioning so you can work with persistence
  • Kubernetes Dashboard for easy cluster management
  • RBAC authorization enabled by default

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